Fertiliser Quality Council (FQC)

Set up by farmers for farmers, the FQC is responsible for the  Fertmark and Spreadmark initiatives.

Using the “Marks”

The Fertmark tick guarantees that the labeled contents of the fertiliser product are correct. The Spreadmark logo gives farmers and growers assurance that the spreading company – ground or aerial – is certified to distribute the fertiliser accurately and evenly.

NZ Groundspread Fertiliser Association

Formed in 1956, the NZGFA promotes the interests of both individuals and companies involved in the distribution of bulk lime and other fertilisers.

Choose the best

Spreading nutrients, whether from the ground or from the air, is a highly skilled profession. Spreadmark certified companies have passed the test.


Resources at the ready

The recently updated Conduct of Field Experiments by PB Lynch is now available to download. Revised in 1966 this short and easy to read book is essential reading for scientists, varsity students and fertiliser companies. Originating out of the Ruakura Agricultural Research Centre it shares the basic principles of scientific technique. Written over half a century ago, these are still highly relevant today.

Proud to partner

sfs-logoThe FQC is proud to support the Ministry for Primary Industries’ sustainable farming fund’s Soil, Food and Society project. This new science teaching tool for educators of students in Years 5 – 8 draws on ‘the story of where our food comes from’ to promote scientific and critical thinking as well as discussion around New  Zealand’s important economic role as a food producer.

Farmers who use a Fertmark registered fertiliser product together with a Spreadmark accredited company can be assured of the best agricultural, environmental and economic returns.


Fertiliser bearing the Fertmark tick means that the product has been independently audited to ensure that what’s on the label is what’s in the bag..


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The Spreadmark scheme is a quality assurance programme that guarantees accurate fertiliser distribution by trained operators, using certified spreading machinery and a management system that puts economic and environmental farmer/grower outcomes first.

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The New Zealand Groundspreader Fertiliser
Association (NZGFA) protects the interests
of the spreading industry, representing it to central and local government, industry organisations as well as to private companies and businesses.

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In the media

  • February 2017 – National Farming Review

    Grass Roots of Growing Up by Ann Thompson, FQC Executive Director

    “If we can talk to children early on about agriculture early on in their lives, we can teach them all about where our food comes from and why it is that New Zealand is so good at ...

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We are currently compiling a page of FAQs. This will be live soon.

Q.  How can I find an accredited aerial spreader?



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